Dec 14

Is Jesus God?

Jesus Is God And Lord

The Christmas season comes, and there’s so much to remember and be thankful for. There’s all the family time, which is always a great thing. There’s the chance to give our family and our friends amazing gifts that they’ll love and cherish for years upon years to come. There’s the chance to be good to our fellow man, to go out and volunteer at the local homeless shelters and soup kitchens, making sure that people can get the nourishing food that they need.

However, while all those things are wonderful and important, it’s equally important to remember the reason for the season. Jesus, the son of God, given to us so that we could have a path from the mortal world to the right hand of God Himself. That is the start of the Christmas story, and the most important part. Jesus is God, and He came down to Earth in order to live as a man, and die as a man, so that He could go and sit at the right hand of the father and advocate for us, pitiful humans.

There is some question among some people about whether or not Jesus is actually God. They think that because Jesus is God’s son, He can’t possibly be God as well. However, that is not the case. The simple truth is that Jesus is both God the Father, as well as God the Son. There are a number of different theological explanations for this, but many of them are a bit involved. They’re interesting, and you should absolutely look up more information on the matter. In short, simple terms, God is capable of existing in multiple forms and multiple places. This is part of being both omnipotent and omnipresent.

You have probably come across this concept in other situations, as well. For example, if you’ve ever heard your Priest or Pastor talk about Jehovah Jireh, God Sees, then you’ve heard them talk about the many forms of God. These aren’t actually different types of Gods, or different forms of God. They’re simply ways for humans who can not truly understand all of God to express some aspect of Him that they have witnessed. There are many other names of God, as well. Words such as Jehovah Rophi, God who Heals, or Jehovah Shalom, God is Peace.

This is how mortal, human people come to understand God. They can not witness the full concept of all that God is, was, and will be because their mind simply can not comprehend all that. So humans simply understand an aspect of God, that they can comprehend that part.

This is what and who Jesus is. Jesus is absolutely God, in the same way both Jehovah Rophi and Jehovah Jireh are both God. So if you’re ever wondering about the details of how that all works, all you have to do is remember that God is so big, so multi-faceted, that the human mind simply can’t comprehend more than a small part of Him at any one time.