Dec 14

Is God Real?

Signs That God Is Real

Is God real? This is a question people from all around the world wonder, and it is one of the most debated questions. However, there are signs God is real. If you want to know what these signs are, then continue to read the rest of this article.

1. The Bible- Maybe the most telltale sign that there is a God is the bible. One of the oldest books in the world is the bible and the bible has carried a consistent message for hundreds and hundreds of years. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that the bible has been one of the bestselling books of all-time, and it continues to sell millions of copies every single year, and if you don’t own a bible, then you should get one as soon as possible.

2. Healing Miracles- Sure, there are many types of diseases out there and they cannot be cured, but there are many cases that are considered to be healing miracles. In fact, some doctors cannot believe some people seemingly become better and there is no explanation as to how they were able to overcome certain diseases and conditions. When healing miracles occur, then it could very well be the work of God, and this is another sign that God exists. When a person has an incurable condition and doctors believe there is nothing they can do to cure it, and from out of nowhere they become cured, then it may be God’s work. God is here.

3. Prayers Being Answered- There are so many people who have gone through difficult times or have really wanted something that they believed was unattainable, but they prayed and their prayers were answered. Sometimes this may be a coincidence, but it may be God answering prayers. Sure, it’s true that God may not answer all prayers, but many do get answered, and if they are not answered right away, then the prayers may be answered in the near or distant future. If you don’t pray on a daily basis, then you should because you never know when your prayers may be answered by God.

4. The Human Body Is Complicated- One of the main signs that God exists is the human body, which is very complicated and amazing because just about everything within the body serves a purpose. This includes everything from the heart to the lungs to blood cells and so forth. Many people argue that evolution is the reason for the human body being the way it is, but God may have created the body because the human body is too perfect in terms of its function, the organs that are inside it, and even the skin itself and just about everything else about the body.

The above signs show God is real, and there are many other signs that show there is a God. However, the ones above are some of the most popular signs. The next time you question whether God exists or doesn’t exist, you should look back at this article and reread the signs that show there is a God.