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The Difference Between Religion And Spirituality

The Difference Between Religion And Spirituality

Many people believe that religion and spirituality and are one and the same, but this is not true. While you can have both in your life, these words are defining two separate ideas. Below you will learn how these two ideas are different as well as how they can relate to one another.

Some assert that spirituality has a higher value in life than religion does, and this idea has become increasingly popular in recent years. A lot of that has to do with the changes in social beliefs and the inability of religious leaders to accept them due to written scripture. This, however, is not necessarily true, and for many, there can not be spirituality without having religion to guide them.

There is no doubt that religion is spiritual. It is giving someone a direct guide to follow in order to have a spiritual relationship with their God. Those that attend religious services often describe feeling an overwhelming sensation of a spiritual nature when they are worshiping with others. Some also feel that when they pray they feel a direct connection to God and know that he is there listening and sometimes even communicating answers back to them. These are direct examples of the spirituality that can come from religion.

Religion, in itself, is simply the way in which one beliefs are structured and organized. It consists of the doctrines and rituals that one inside of that religion is expected to follow. It is a very public event, where it is shared with a group and discussed. That isn’t to say there aren’t personal factors involved, but to a large extent it is the format in which all conform to general ideas and beliefs.

Religion is really an institution that man has created to exert various rules in the lives of those that follow them. These are usually known as morals, as well as rituals in which one is expected to follow on set schedules. They are very formal and some believe they take away from having a true relationship with God.

Spirituality, on the other hand, is a very personal experience. Many find it hard to put into words because it is there own personal experience that no one else can truly share with them. Everyone experiences different emotions and reactions to their spirituality and there certainly is nothing wrong with that. It is nearly impossible to teach someone else how to be spiritual in their life, it is simply something they must strive for on their own.

However, one can have spirituality without being religious. It can be simply feeling a connection to the world around them, having an emotional bond to all life on earth. It is not necessary to subscribe to any set of beliefs, and it can still be very fulfilling in one’s life.

Now that you have read the information above you can see a clear distinction between religion and spirituality. You certainly can have one without the other, but that does not mean that everyone does.

Dec 14

Is Jesus God?

Jesus Is God And Lord

The Christmas season comes, and there’s so much to remember and be thankful for. There’s all the family time, which is always a great thing. There’s the chance to give our family and our friends amazing gifts that they’ll love and cherish for years upon years to come. There’s the chance to be good to our fellow man, to go out and volunteer at the local homeless shelters and soup kitchens, making sure that people can get the nourishing food that they need.

However, while all those things are wonderful and important, it’s equally important to remember the reason for the season. Jesus, the son of God, given to us so that we could have a path from the mortal world to the right hand of God Himself. That is the start of the Christmas story, and the most important part. Jesus is God, and He came down to Earth in order to live as a man, and die as a man, so that He could go and sit at the right hand of the father and advocate for us, pitiful humans.

There is some question among some people about whether or not Jesus is actually God. They think that because Jesus is God’s son, He can’t possibly be God as well. However, that is not the case. The simple truth is that Jesus is both God the Father, as well as God the Son. There are a number of different theological explanations for this, but many of them are a bit involved. They’re interesting, and you should absolutely look up more information on the matter. In short, simple terms, God is capable of existing in multiple forms and multiple places. This is part of being both omnipotent and omnipresent.

You have probably come across this concept in other situations, as well. For example, if you’ve ever heard your Priest or Pastor talk about Jehovah Jireh, God Sees, then you’ve heard them talk about the many forms of God. These aren’t actually different types of Gods, or different forms of God. They’re simply ways for humans who can not truly understand all of God to express some aspect of Him that they have witnessed. There are many other names of God, as well. Words such as Jehovah Rophi, God who Heals, or Jehovah Shalom, God is Peace.

This is how mortal, human people come to understand God. They can not witness the full concept of all that God is, was, and will be because their mind simply can not comprehend all that. So humans simply understand an aspect of God, that they can comprehend that part.

This is what and who Jesus is. Jesus is absolutely God, in the same way both Jehovah Rophi and Jehovah Jireh are both God. So if you’re ever wondering about the details of how that all works, all you have to do is remember that God is so big, so multi-faceted, that the human mind simply can’t comprehend more than a small part of Him at any one time.

Dec 14

Is God Real?

Signs That God Is Real

Is God real? This is a question people from all around the world wonder, and it is one of the most debated questions. However, there are signs God is real. If you want to know what these signs are, then continue to read the rest of this article.

1. The Bible- Maybe the most telltale sign that there is a God is the bible. One of the oldest books in the world is the bible and the bible has carried a consistent message for hundreds and hundreds of years. Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that the bible has been one of the bestselling books of all-time, and it continues to sell millions of copies every single year, and if you don’t own a bible, then you should get one as soon as possible.

2. Healing Miracles- Sure, there are many types of diseases out there and they cannot be cured, but there are many cases that are considered to be healing miracles. In fact, some doctors cannot believe some people seemingly become better and there is no explanation as to how they were able to overcome certain diseases and conditions. When healing miracles occur, then it could very well be the work of God, and this is another sign that God exists. When a person has an incurable condition and doctors believe there is nothing they can do to cure it, and from out of nowhere they become cured, then it may be God’s work. God is here.

3. Prayers Being Answered- There are so many people who have gone through difficult times or have really wanted something that they believed was unattainable, but they prayed and their prayers were answered. Sometimes this may be a coincidence, but it may be God answering prayers. Sure, it’s true that God may not answer all prayers, but many do get answered, and if they are not answered right away, then the prayers may be answered in the near or distant future. If you don’t pray on a daily basis, then you should because you never know when your prayers may be answered by God.

4. The Human Body Is Complicated- One of the main signs that God exists is the human body, which is very complicated and amazing because just about everything within the body serves a purpose. This includes everything from the heart to the lungs to blood cells and so forth. Many people argue that evolution is the reason for the human body being the way it is, but God may have created the body because the human body is too perfect in terms of its function, the organs that are inside it, and even the skin itself and just about everything else about the body.

The above signs show God is real, and there are many other signs that show there is a God. However, the ones above are some of the most popular signs. The next time you question whether God exists or doesn’t exist, you should look back at this article and reread the signs that show there is a God.